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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) at Malvitz Bay Farms

What is a CSA

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA is connecting the farmer and their crops directly to the consumer. You are buying a share into the farm. You will share in the bounty and the risk of growing freshly grown produce. Buying into a CSA provides the farmer with funds to purchase seeds, equipment, labor and supplies to start the season. For this investment our family will provide you and your family with the freshest tasting high quality fruits and vegetables. Fruits are included in our boxes at no extra charge, some CSAs charge extra for fruit. 

You will be buying local and have the opportunity to know YOUR farmer. The first boxes in spring will reflect the growing season and will be a lighter bounty, but harvest will increase with the warmth of summer. You will find the common vegetables along with some new varieties that you may have not tried before.  We will include a newsletter with recipes, storage tips and how to preserve the produce if you have a surplus beyond your fresh eating

The Malvitz family has been growing strawberries and produce for over 30 years!

We are proud of everything we grow; we start our season with asparagus going into our delicious strawberries continuing with many fruits and vegetables.
We are also known for the best tasting sweet corn, and unusual fall decorations.
Fred and Mary are members of the Wisconsin Berry Growers Association and the Fresh Market Vegetable Growers of Wisconsin and the Minnesota Fruit and Vegetable Association. 

Mary and Fred have been attending educational seminars for over 30 years in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota. By attending these seminars we are keeping up with new trends and regulations.  We are also involved with the Seed to Kitchen on Farm Variety Trials with UW Madison Horticulture Department. Besides growing strawberries they also grow raspberries, asparagus, peas, beans, sweet corn squash, pumpkins, fall decorations and many other fruits and vegetables.
We have also formed partnerships with University of Wisconsin River Falls, and Nourse Farms by planting test plots of strawberry varieties. 
We want to be your farmer, so we can share our knowledge and fresh produce.
. Every week we will provide you with healthy fresh fruits and vegetables.

MEMBERSHIP SHARES    Number of shares are limited

Sturgeon Bay- drop off is on  Tuesdays  at Hatco at 4:00   

 Farm pick up Tue.  pick up time after 3:30


  • $600.00 family size share will feed a family of 4
  • 3 payments of; $200.00 each
  • $200 with sign-up form
  • Include checks of $200 predated July1,2020 and September1, 2020
  • Shares will begin  TUESDAY June 23rd thu Oct. 13,2020 
  • Pick up location:  Sturgeon Bay    Hatco front parking lot
  • On FARM pick Up  Wed. after3:30
  • Pick up time to be determined
  • Paper bags will be used this year
  • There is no refund on boxes not picked up.


  • $400.00 will feed family of 2
  • 3 payments; first payment of $200.00 with sign-up form
  • Include checks of $100.00 predated July1,2020 and September 1, 2020
  • Shares will begin  TUESDAY June 23rd thu Oct. 13,2020
  • Pick up location:   Sturgeon Bay Tue. Hatco front parking lot
  • On Farm Pick UP  Tue. after 3:30
  • Paper bags will be used this year
  • There is no refund on boxes not picked up.


  • $200.00 will feed a single person
  • 3 payments; first payment of $100.00 with sign-up form
  • Also Include checks of $50.00 predated July 1, 2020 and September 1, 2020
  • Sturgeon Bay: Shares will begin Tuesday, June 23rd – October 13,2020
  • ON Farm: pick up  Tuesday after 3:30
  • Paper ags will be used this year
  • There is no refund on boxes not picked up.


  • Visit the farm and meet your Farmer. Call to set an appointment
  • Special rate for pick your own strawberries

Click here to download your membership application.

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